Delia Author Travel FashionDelia was born in Guayaquil, a little paradise in Ecuador, located in South America.  She is the middle child of five siblings, and the first of three daughters, all ranging close in age. Her dad was the sheriff of their little town in Ecuador, and upon moving his family to Canada, he worked as an automobile mechanic.

Her mother was a successful businesswoman ranging in businesses from running a farm, a drugstore, and a hardware store. After moving to Canada, her mother was able to relax and devote her time to her thriving children.

Delia’s family would always be involved in one business venture or another during her adolescence. This instilled the value of hard work and determination.  She has never been afraid of new beginnings and always welcomes a challenge.

Delia was taught and believes that life is a school, and we are here to learn. Never take any day for granted.  You are only as powerful as your thoughts, so if you believe you can, You will!

Every person is in a unique position to take any opportunity life presents to them. The world is your oyster, and it is ready for the taking. So believe in yourself, and dismiss limiting beliefs.

Delia is happily married to Silvio, a first-generation Italian Canadian, for more than 25 years. They share a wonderful son, named Alex and their senior puppy, Zoe. Zoe is Delia’s shadow. You will always find Zoe, close on Delia’s heels, wherever she goes.

Delia Author Travel Fashion
Delia is an accomplished author. She has written four books, in both Spanish and English. Two of her books are children’s stories, that can be found in both languages.

“Pipps” is an Amazon bestseller and can be found in hard copy as well as a digital download. Delia is in the process of creating a children’s coloring book based on her two short stories as well as a few others projects. She is very excited to share all of her dreams with you.

Her other two books are of mature material and can be found in Spanish only. Be sure to check the Gallery page for more information.

She has had a passion for stories for as long as she can remember. She has always had her face in a book since she was a small girl. This led to her passion for writing, as well as embarking on many adventures.

Delia is a traveling enthusiast. She has traveled to many countries with her husband and family, including Asia, Europe, The United Kingdom, South America, and the Caribbean. She hopes to continue traveling when the pandemic eases. You can find her photos and videos within her social profiles.

Check back in to see more adventures!!!

Delia Author Fashion Travel