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What My Social Circle is Saying

Pipps: I Love Everything about this Book!!

I love everything about this book, it is a hearth warming, loving, yet simple and entertaining story; that will keep children engaged and entertained.This book is a life lessons about the sacrifices we all make; when we love somebody and the how that love always prevails

Antonio Arias

Mr. Perfect: A tale about secret love

Really wonderful story. A tale about a secret love that stands through the test of distance. Beautiful hand drawn illustrations and a beautiful story for young minds


Corazón Roto: Mucho sentimiento

Este libro muestra mucho sentimiento y la realidad que algunos hemos pasado y otros pasaran cuando tienen su corazón roto


Corazon Roto

I recommend this book because is relaxing, pass time, is a treat at the end of the day, the author is clear and takes you into a world of romance